10 Internet Memes That Became Commercials

Just when we thought the Rebecca Black meme had finally gone the way of All Your Base, it’s back — in the form of a Kohl’s commercial encouraging us to shop on Black Friday, no less. Over the weekend, we saw the ad just about every time we turned on our TV, to our great despair. The ordeal got us thinking about the big business of Internet memes, which are turning up more and more often in mainstream advertisements. After the jump, we look at Antoine Dodson, Honey Badger, and many more online celebrities who became pitchmen.

Rebecca Black for Kohl’s

What do Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and shopping on the day after Thanksgiving have in common? Oh, that’s right — they’re both incredibly irritating, and together, they’re even more annoying than the sum of their parts. On the plus side, at least poor, 14-year-old Black has found a way to profit from her massive public humiliation.