K-NARF’s Kitschy Photo-and-Scotch-Tape Creations

French-born, Singapore-based artist K-NARF has exhibited his “photograffiti” installations in unlikely locations such as old cinemas, functioning plants, and abandoned garages. But he’s no street art snob. He has also shown his work at the French Embassy in Tokyo, the Museum of Sydney, and a photo festival in Arles, France. His career was launched back in 2001 when an artist named Teruo Kurosaki gave K-NARF — then a practicing architect — his first exhibition, The Red and Newspapers, at Sputnik PAD in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, he has been honing his creations and is seemingly primed to join the neo-pop ranks of cynical self-merchandising artists Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.

In his latest solo show, K-NARF PHOTOGRAFFITI, which opens today at New York City’s Clic Gallery, K-NARF presents a kitschy series of photographs of amusement parks from the ’80s that he then altered with adhesive tape. Click through for a slide show of eye-catching works from the exhibit.

©K-NARF. Courtesy of the artist and Clic Gallery, New York