10 Totally Slammin’ TV Bands from the ’90s

There’s no denying that ’90s television was chock-full of dope fictional bands, and it’s about time we cranked up our nostalgia and got jiggy with the fake musical groups of yesteryear. Some were boy bands, others were punks, but most just settled into their oversize, unwashed flannel shirts with some bangin’ alt-rock vibes. Remember that time Little Pete and meter-man Mel formed the Blowholes? Or when Doug and Skeeter ran into the Beets at the Honker Burger? What about that time Jordan Catalano, like, serenaded Angela Chase with that song written about her hair, or something? …Not! (Hold up, did we even use that right? It’s been a while.) Regardless, check out some totally fake ’90s TV bands after the jump, home-skillets. They’ve missed you.

Frozen Embryos, My So-Called Life

Excuse our bold statement, but Jordan Catalano was definitely the hunkiest illiterate guitar player to ever grace your ’90s television. Like Angela Chase, we enjoyed the way he leaned “against stuff,” but mostly we just loved that Frozen Embryos’ elusive lead singer, Tino, never showed up for anything, giving good ol’ Jared Leto ample time to — y’know, sing about his car and cover the Ramones.