Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Movie Geeks

Now that Christmas shopping season is in full effect, it’s time for your Flavorwire editors to swing into public service mode. Yes, yes, all the lists and links and commentary are fun, we know you’re saying, but where are the shopping tips? What do I get my movie-obsessed cousin Donovan? Do I have to actually communicate with him to find out what he wants? Those phone calls always last twice as long as I want them to, and his breathing patterns are disturbing! Fear no more, gentle reader, for after the jump, you’ll find a collection of films and books guaranteed to warm the hearts of your film fan relatives on Christmas morning, which they’ll enjoy to the fullest before fleeing the premises to catch the 1:20 matinee of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Check them out and add your own after the jump!

The Age of Movies: Selected Writings by Pauline Kael

Pauline Kael was, quite simply, the finest film critic that ever lived — her prose was energetic, smart, colloquial, engaged, and downright pleasurable to read. To be fair, most movie geeks will already have her individual volumes, or at least her previous career-spanning retrospective, 1996’s For Keeps. But most of those books are long out of print, and going for a pretty penny on Ebay and Amazon Marketplace; since the new Age of Movies collection is slim(mer) and reasonable, and includes most of her essential works, it’s a fine introductory volume for the young film fan.