The Coolest Children’s Educational Shows of All Time

Today is the 56th birthday of one of our most beloved childhood companions: Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy). To celebrate, and to prove that TV doesn’t always rot your brain, Mom, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest-ever educational shows for kids, on everything from biology to grammar to drawing. Click through to see our list and indulge in a little smarty-pants nostalgia, and be sure to let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed in the comments (yes, we left out Schoolhouse Rock, but it isn’t strictly a television show). Hey, maybe you’ll even learn something! Full disclosure: we did.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

In this stellar example of ’90s television, Bill Nye teaches about the science of everyday objects with wit and — let’s face it — slapstick humor. Originally running from 1993-1998, the show won 19 Emmy Awards and saw a lot of play in classrooms and in syndication, even years after Nye had stopped making new episodes. There was just something about Bill Nye that you couldn’t help but love — he was a grown-up nerd who still had a ton of fun, and kids everywhere found that pretty appealing.