TV's Most Memorable Pets

Pets are a staple of almost every television household, making for trusty sidekicks, dependable comic relief, and comforting ears that (usually) don’t talk back. But some on-screen animal stars are more than just housemates, with affable personalities and plot lines of their own. The inspiring owner-pet relationships that we celebrate after the jump establish a real equity and rapport between cross-species co-stars and make us reevaluate a pet’s role in the home. Which of your favorite actors yield from the animal kingdom?

Marcel from Friends

After a devastating divorce from his ex-wife Carol, Ross takes a hiatus from traditional relationships and decides to settle into married life with a Capuchin monkey, Marcel, instead. The two grow to love each other but only get along slightly better than Ross and his ex, scuffling over broken objects, rerecorded answering machine messages, the usual. Ross eventually has to part with his roommate when Marcel reaches sexual maturity and becomes too much to handle. But he later discovers, proudly, that Marcel has gone on to a live a life of fame, starring in an action movie and as the mascot of a brewery.