TV’s Most Underrated Detectives

Even in the near-perfect realm of television, not every cop can be an Olivia Benson, and not every Good Samaritan can be a Lassie. TV is as full of cruddy detectives as our real world is. But it’s also inundated with great ones, not all of whose talents are acknowledged in their respective worlds. We think it’s time they get their due recognition. Below the jump, browse through our favorite TV detectives who seem to be nobody else’s, and tell us which other crime solvers you think have been robbed of a much-deserved pat on the back.

Henry Mills from Once Upon a Time

Not quite a traditional detective show, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, now in its first season, revolves around the town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose characters — once fairytale protagonists — are caught in the supernatural mystery of an evil curse that took them out of their fairytale world and landed them, memories wiped, in a purgatory the show posits is our real world today. The only one perceptive enough to pick up on the clues around him is Henry, the astute adopted son of the evil queen herself — or just a nutty ten-year-old; we’re not yet sure. Even when he produces trace after trace to back up his theory, Henry is dismissed as “imaginative” or, in other words, psychotic, but we have a feeling the boy’s big moment of recognition is coming.