A Selection of Our Favorite Fan-Made Music Videos

Plenty of well-known directors have started out doing music videos — the relatively brief nature of the form, along with its virtually limitless scope for experimentation and self-expression, makes it a fine place to cut your filmmaking teeth. This remains the case even if the band haven’t actually asked you to make a video, and the advent of the internet (and, specifically, YouTube) means that aspiring directors now have a huge potential audience for their clips. The result has been a surfeit of fantastic fan-made music videos over the last few years. Here’s a selection of our favorites — we’re sure there are plenty more, so let us know what else we might have included.

Spiritualized — “Shine a Light” by JamesSighs

We stumbled across this gem while searching for an embeddable version of this song from Spiritualized’s epic Royal Albert Hall live album. Made way back in 1994, it predates YouTube by over a decade, and it’s pretty much as minimal as you can get — as the description says, it was shot in one take, with a budget of $8.50 (which went to beer). And yet, there’s something perfect about it — the drifting light is as hypnotic as the music that it accompanies, looking like an analog version of one of those iTunes visualizer things. It’d be especially good accompanied by some exotic psychedelics, we imagine.