The Best of ’90s-Inspired Cosplay

Inspired by this amazing Daria photo shoot from deviantART user SoDespair, we decided to scour the Internet for some of the best ’90s-inspired cosplay that we could find. The super meta part in all this is that even though what we now call “cosplay” has been around for ages (you might know it better as “playing dress up,” only really, really well), its soaring popularity took off in the US during the 1990s, thanks to an increasing interest in Japanese anime. Since then, film and television fans have combed through pop culture’s most colorful characters to come up with what are, in many cases at least, truly incredible costumes. Some cosplayers truly transform their roles by staging a scene straight out of the past, while others can be admired for their spot-on caricatures no matter where they flaunt them. Click through for our roundup of seriously ’90s cosplay, and let us know in the comments which costume gets your vote.