Rena Littleson’s Hilarious, Disturbing ‘Truth About Drugs’ Posters

Don’t worry, D.A.R.E. survivors — Rena Littleson has no desire to make you relive that day in middle school when a friendly cop warned your class that even thinking about smoking a joint would land you in jail for at least a decade. In fact, The Truth About Drugs isn’t about currently illegal substances at all. The collection of illustrations mimics the style of propaganda posters to explore some great moments of hysteria in the past, from the outcry against rock ‘n’ roll to segregation to alcohol prohibition to the ban on sex toys. Littleson also throws in an educational poster about the culturally accepted drug coffee and the terrible conditions that face workers who grow and harvest it. Learn the truth after the jump, then visit Littleson’s website to learn more about her work.

Image credit: Rena Littleson [Spotted via Beautiful/Decay]