10 of Cinema’s Ugliest Screen Villains

Soon we’ll get to see what Harry Potter star Rhys Ifans will look like in his reptilian get-up as Spidey’s archenemy in Marc Webb’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man. Ifans will star as The Lizard — or in his human form, Curtis Connors. A brilliant scientist who loses an arm, Connors tries to regrow his lost limb, but the experiment goes awry. He finds himself transformed into a reptilian humanoid, which we got a glimpse of this week — first in the form of a soon-to-be released Pez dispenser, and some new concept art. If the sketches bear any real resemblance to the eccentric Notting Hill actor’s costume, then yep: he’s a giant, creepy lizard.

We felt inspired to look back at a few of cinema’s ugliest screen villains. Movie heroes’ hideous enemies have ranged from really repulsive men to vile creatures. Note the amount of horror or sci-fi on our list. Too often films attempt to make the villain attractive. Click through to see which baddies were beaten with the ugly stick, renew your appreciation for old-fashioned, unpleasant-looking villains, and then add your picks below.


Pazuzu in The Exorcist 

Actress Linda Blair was just a young girl when she played a possessed child, Regan, whose body becomes inhabited by a demon from hell in The Exorcist. You’d never know Blair was a cute kid with chubby cheeks underneath all of Dick Smith’s masterfully applied makeup, which gave the child star a face that not even a mother could love. Blair’s visceral visage grows increasingly gruesome throughout the film as the demon Pazuzu gets cozy in its new dwelling. Spewing pea soup, a terrible case of potty mouth, and a head like a swivel stick didn’t help matters either.