10 Epic Artist x Musician Collaborations

When established artists decided to lend their talent to the music world, the creations that result from the collision of egos and imaginations are often mind blowing. From Pablo Picasso’s costumes for an avant garde ballet by Erik Satie to Andy Warhol’s management of the Velvet Underground, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite artist and musician collaborations. How did Salvador Dalí and Alice Cooper meet? How did the world survive? Read on to find out and drop us a comment if you think we missed any biggies.

Salvador Dalí and Alice Cooper

So, a surrealist and a shock-rocker walk into a bar… By the time Salvador Dalí and Alice Cooper met elaborately on February 25, 1973, they were longtime mutual fans. Upon their meeting, Dalí presented Alice with a plaster brain covered in chocolate and ants. For two weeks, they worked together, producing the First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram of Alice Cooper’s Brain — now a museum piece, it’s the world’s first moving hologram of Alice donning millions of dollars in diamond bling (necklaces, tiara, the works) and biting the head of a Venus de Milo statue. You know, the usual.