10 Awesome Books to Give Your Nonreading Friends

For an avid reader, the holidays can sometimes be a little confusing. What to do when faced with gifting a friend or family member who say, doesn’t read quite as much as you do? You’d like to give them a book, but you want to make sure you pick one that they’re sure to at least crack open — not like last year, when you lovingly handed over a shiny new copy of Infinite Jest to a totally blank look. Never fear, literature geeks, we have a fool-proof list of book-shaped objects that everyone on your non-literary list will love. Click through to check out or list of amazing books to give to the nonreaders in your life (who yes, are still worthy of love), and let us know which other books you’d gift in the comments.

What the Hell Are You Doing? The Essential David Shrigley, David Shrigley

For the uninitiated, the work of David Shrigley is sort of everything you could ever ask from scratchy line drawings, and a whole lot more. On the one hand, this is art — gallery-style, shown-at-MoMA art. And also it’s funny. And also it’s weird and spastic, and uncomfortable, and savage, and profound, and somehow tender, behind all that. What we’re saying is, this book is for everyone. But you should only give it to people you love, because whomever you give it to will love you back forever.