The 10 Best Talent Shows on Film

We’ve all been there — standing onstage, praying we don’t botch the random act of creativity we’re about to display. Sometimes a talent show’s audience will outrageously applaud our meticulously choreographed routine to the sweet grooves of Jamiroquai, and other times our Pirates of Penzance musical number will be sabotaged by our brother’s chants of “Brennan has a mangina!” Oh, that’s just in movies? Well, it could happen to anyone, right? Either way, talent shows are notoriously nerve-racking phenomena, and some of their most memorable and ridiculous representations have been immortalized in film. Kick back and read on for a roundup of jazz hands, noteworthy nerds, and uncomfortable silences; it’s talent show time.

Donnie Darko (2001)

In this Donnie Darko talent show scene, we’re graced with the interpretive dance stylings of Cherita Chen and, of course, a “Notorious” number by the one and only Sparkle Motion. Please excuse Donnie’s act of arson during the performance — sometimes we doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion.