Flavorpill’s Most Fascinating People of 2011

Another year, another uninspired list of “fascinating people,” courtesy of Barbara Walters. Babs’ 2011 list seems frightfully behind the times: Aren’t Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Derek Jeter, and the Kardashians kind of old news? Why interview Donald Trump when you could have picked a real politician who actually plans to run for president in 2012, instead of just teasing about it to hype his past-its-prime reality show? Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family aren’t a bad pick, but do we really need to hear more from tabloid favorites Amanda Knox and Pippa Middleton? Here’s hoping the one name ABC is withholding until Walters’ special airs tomorrow night is more inspiring. Meanwhile, your friends at Flavorpill have our entire list of 2011’s most fascinating people ready right now. Our top 10, and the questions we’d ask them, are after the jump.

Lars von Trier

Several months ago, a stupid comment about Hitler at a Cannes press conference threatened to overshadow the film Lars von Trier was in France to promote. But we’re thankful that it didn’t, because Melancholia is easily the greatest moment in a career that has been full of dark high points — a movie that throws extreme depression into hyperrealistic relief and approaches the apocalypse like nothing science fiction has seen before.

We would ask him: Well, he probably wouldn’t speak to us, seeing as how he’s sworn off interviews. But if he did, we’d ask him whether he agrees with this great Salon article that argues Melancholia is a feminist film. We’d also want to know how he plans to follow up on such a seemingly final statement.