Obscure and Underrated Disney Films

Today is Mickey Mouse house visionary Walt Disney’s birthday. The iconic entertainer changed the face of film with his animated wonders, introducing some of cinema’s most popular cartoon (and live-action) characters for the big and small screens. We felt inspired to take a look at some of the studio’s underdog projects — those films that may have been overlooked while the empire changed direction, along with a few obscure movies you may have missed along the way. Click through to see which of Disney’s woefully underrated, or fascinatingly strange projects made the list. Feel free to add your picks below.


As unlikely as it seems, there’s no mistaking Disney’s short film Destino as a collaborative project with surreal maestro Salvador Dalí. Melting faces, shapeshifting ants, and uncanny eyeballs galore, Destino was an endeavor that began in 1945 and almost never saw the light of day. Financial woes that plagued Disney during World War II slowed production across the board. Destino was resurrected in the late ’90s by Disney Studios France and rebuilt from the original storyboards. The animation is a classic example of the avant-garde experiments that sadly many of Mickey’s audiences know little or nothing about.