Adde Adesokan's Fascinating Triptychs of Strangers

Can snapping close-up photos of a subject’s head, hands, and feet reveal more about who they are than a traditional portrait? The idea might seem counterintuitive, but that’s what we’re pondering after looking at the work in Adde Adesokan’s ongoing street photography series, Triptychs of Strangers, which we spotted thanks to Photojojo!. When viewed on their own, each of the frames is chock full of details but lacking in context; taken as a whole, the composite result is pretty illuminating, boiling a person down to his or her most essential parts. Click through and let us know if you agree.

Triptychs of Strangers #23, The Kharise Francis herself. Photo credit: © Adde Adesokan

Triptychs of Strangers #20, The Analog Lover – London. Photo credit: © Adde Adesokan

Triptychs of Strangers #6: The ColorMatched – Hamburg. Photo credit: © Adde Adesokan


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