10 Inventions from Movies That We Wish Were Real

In the celluloid world, anything is possible, which is why it’s a haven for visionaries and inventors of all types. The laws of nature suspended, mad scientists can reign free, achieving success without the burden of proof, research, or failure. With these freedoms, they’ve actualized genius ideas, some of which our off-screen world could stand to adopt, whether to help us out when we’re too weak not to yield to the snooze button or to make the snooze button last another five years.

Of course, misuse of these powerful machines can lead to terrible things — and in many films have. But the luxuries they afford, both the culturally transformative ones and the ones that  just shave a little stress off an average day, are too major to ignore. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the the fictive weapons, trinkets, and tools we’re dying to test drive, below the jump — and even predicted if and when they’re likely to become a reality. Which would you most want to get your hands on?

Time-traveling DeLorean

Everyone’s favorite inventor, Doc Brown, didn’t hurt his reputation by inventing a solution to everyone’s most maddening frustration: time. Back to the Future’s plutonium-powered DeLorean travels through the space-time continuum in style — and even more so after its 1985 upgrade to the second-generation nuclear fusion-powered hovercar.

Drawback: Make sure not to travel to an era without a source to spark the flux capacitor, or you’re stuck.

When we expect to see it: After flying cars, before world peace.