Fascinating Photos of Gamers vs. Their Avatars

Bridging the gap between virtual realms and reality, photographer Robbie Cooper depicts gamers side by side with their avatars in his eye-opening photo series, Alter Ego. Inspired by a 2003 shoot with a CEO who divulged to Cooper that he used Everquest as a medium to communicate with his children post-divorce, the project found the photographer capturing gamers in China, France, Korea, and Germany. The resulting photos, which were collected in a book, provide nuanced visual commentary on both their individual subjects and the virtual lives of people around the world. While some avatars look remarkably similar to their creators — a few even accurately depict the gamers’ wardrobes — others are drenched in fantasy, departing dramatically from their creator’s gender, race, or physique. See some of our favorite shots from Alter Ego after the jump, and visit Cooper’s website for more.

Photo credit: Robbie Cooper [Spotted via Fubiz]