Photos: Inside Rainbow Gatherings' Intentional Communities

Burning Man may be America’s most famous temporary intentional community, but it’s hardly the only well-attended, utopian, bohemian retreat. The global Rainbow Family of Living Light, formed in 1968, is a leaderless, non-violent, anti-commercial, ecologically aware group that regularly holds open, multi-day outdoor Rainbow Gatherings all over the world — the largest of which can attract up to 30,000 people. Due to the unique nature of these events and the Rainbow Family’s values, photography is rarely allowed at the gatherings. Luckily, the group made an exception for Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé, a longtime attendee who feels so strongly about the experience that he named his series My Family. See some of our favorite images from Rainbow Gatherings in Spain, Mexico, and Canada after the jump. Then, be sure to check out Paillé’s Flickr page for many more photos, along with the fascinating stories behind them.

Rainbow Gathering, Grand Canary Island, Spain, 2011. Photo credit: Benoit Paillé [Spotted via Beautiful/Decay]