Vintage Unreleased Poster Treasures from 'The Hammer Vault'

Hammer Films has been making a comeback recently with a remake of the Swedish vampire tale Let the Right One In (the similarly titled Let Me In) and the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe gothic chiller, The Woman in Black. The legendary studio, however, is best known for its output during the heyday of horror in the ’60s and ’70s —with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing the company’s two biggest titans of terror. Horror wasn’t the company’s only gig, however, as the prolific studio also explored sci-fi, noir thrillers, comedies, and war stories.

Now, Hammer rights and archive consultant Marcus Hearn has delivered an attractive new book, The Hammer Vault, that includes hundreds of rare and previously unseen posters, letters, film stills, and more that makes up the stuido’s rich legacy dating back to the 1930s. We’re sharing a collection of unreleased posters with you past the break — part of Hearn’s lavish visual scrapbook. Feast your eyes on these vintage goodies (vampy vixens, science fiction strange, cavewomen, and more), and leave us your favorite Hammer flicks below. Pick up a copy of the book over here (there’s also a limited edition version).

Image credit: Hammer Films