10 Christmas Movie Landmarks You Can Actually Visit

‘Tis the season for rockin’ around the Christmas tree and cruisin’ around suburban neighborhoods, folks. Why? To decide which big empty house to rob, of course! Just kidding — that’s only if you’re the Wet and/or Sticky Bandits. For the rest of us, it’s to enjoy the fantastic light displays in all their tacky glory. For this year’s drive through the lights, why not add a few notorious holiday film locations to your festive route? Who knows, you might even get to meet a real-life Randy Parker! Pile into the family van, crank up the tinselly tunes, and read on for ten Christmas movie landmarks that you can actually visit. Which is your favorite?

A Christmas Story (1983), Parker house

The house from A Christmas Story is a special kind of movie house. Not only has it been restored to look exactly as it did in the 1983 film, but it’s also inhabited by everyone’s favorite little brother who sometimes can’t put his arms down. That’s right, a very grownup Randy lives here. So, next time you’re in Cleveland, stop by the Parker house to marvel at the leg lamp and hang with your very familiar tour guide.