10 Bizarre Movie Toy Tie-Ins

The holiday season means one thing for many kids across the globe (of all ages — yes, that means you): toys. Film’s finest offerings have inspired the money-grubbing marketing gods to create some truly terrible and infinitely weird tie-ins that left many people shaking their heads and wondering, “Why?” Before you race to the toy store to make merry, take note of the bizarre movie-related toys that we’ve shared past the break. Twilight, an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, and even a Michael Bay movie have inspired some of the strangest playthings in history. Check in with our picks for the most peculiar, and leave us your own below.


Rocky‘s The Meat Action Figure

In 1976, Jakks Pacific created a line of action figures to coincide with the release of everyone’s favorite bruiser, Rocky. What the toymakers didn’t consider is that the strange toy actually encouraged kids to “beat their meat.” The Meat was a plastic slab of beef that resembled the one Rocky practiced boxing in the movie. The fleshy toy also included a bloody apron that looked more like a prop for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection than one about a lowly Philly dude who became a champion in the ring.

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