The 10 Best Podcasts for Your Holiday Roadtrip

As holiday roadtrips grow imminent, it’s time to plan how you’ll while away the hours you’ll spend in transit. Here at Flavorpill, we’re stocking our iPods with playlists for every time of day, part of the country, and state of mind. But listening to music only goes so far when you’re craving good conversation and your shotgun rider has fallen asleep (or you’re taking the bus or plane solo), which is why we’re filling up on brain candy in addition to ear candy. Below the jump, browse through the engrossing, educational, and entertaining podcasts we highly recommend for the road.

This American Life

The ultimate in podcasts, WBEZ’s This American Life and its long-time host Ira Glass have been celebrated national favorites since the show debuted in 1995. Each of TAL’s hour-long weekly episodes typically features between one and five segments that fit a single theme. These vignettes take various formats — readings, reports, interviews, oral histories, conversations — and cover all areas of the world and all time periods. What they have in common is their exploration of interesting and often obscure stories, from the world’s slowest car chase and Brazil’s money lie miracle to the best elucidation of the Sandusky-Paterno controversy we’ve heard so far.