Olaf Cuadras Ferré’s Cartoon Posters for Classic and Cult Films

Artist Olaf Cuadras Ferré is a man of many hats. Not only is he an illustrator, an art director, and a graphic designer, but Ferré is also a talented poster artist, creating a series of cartoonish images inspired by classic and cult films. The simple design of the posters — featuring iconic characters, evocative typography, and a monochromatic background —  is complemented by bold colors and an attention to detail in the depiction of characters’ facial expressions, clothing, and props. Check out the series, which captures the essence of such films as The Royal Tenenbaums, Pulp Fiction, and The Big Lebowski, after the jump, and keep up to date with Ferré’s projects by following his Tumblr.

Image credit: Olaf Cuadras Ferré. [Spotted via Laughing Squid]