Estelle Hanania’s Photos of Hasidic Jewish Kids on Purim

We all know that it isn’t exactly pleasant to be a Jew on Christmas (although the Hanukkah falls at the same time this year, so there). But we get our revenge on Purim, the most awesome holiday that’s closed to Gentiles. Unless you’re very religious, the two things you need to know about Purim are that it’s all about costumes and games, and that Jews are actually required to get trashed before it’s over.

As you might imagine, the holiday is plenty colorful in the ultra-orthodox Hasidic world, where kids can exchange their typically somber get-ups for more modest versions of the types of costumes we’re used to seeing on Halloween. For her series Happy Purim, photographer Estelle Hanania documented one such celebration, in London’s largely Hasidic Stamford Hill neighborhood. See some of our favorite photos from the set — featuring four Raggedy Anns in a row, an adorable traffic light, and old-fashioned dutch ladies — after the jump, then visit Hanania’s website to see more and learn about her work.

Photo credit: Estelle Hananania [Spotted via Booooooom]