TV’s Best ’90s Teen Power Couples

Ah, to be young and in love on a ’90s television series. So much tension, so much betrayal, so many make-ups and too many break-ups. Remember that time Jordan Catalano enlisted Brian Krakow to secretly write his love letter for Angela Chase? Or when D.J. Tanner accused Steve Hale of canoodling with an ex-girlfriend at the school dance? What about when Steve Urkel transformed into Stefan Urquelle in order to win Laura’s heart? Most ’90s teenage relationships were trivial, others lasted seasons upon seasons, but we’re recalling the ones that still make us giddy — the ones that we thought, at one point or another, were meant to be. Take a trip down TV’s memory lane with some ’90s teenage power couples after the jump, and let us know in the comments whose relationship made you the most envious.

Angela & Jordan, My So-Called Life

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the king and queen of the Liberty High School boiler room — Miss Angela Chase and Mr. Jordan Catalano. Although Jordan was reluctant to be seen in public with our dear Angela, this My So-Called Life couple dazzled our ’90s TV screens with their ups and downs and awkward silences. Honorable mention: Rayanne Graff and the ever elusive lead singer of Frozen Embryos, “Tino.”