Ranking TV’s Nightlife Destinations from Worst to Best

The cities and settings and streets and apartments we see on television become, over time, our own; who doesn’t sometimes get the feeling they could actually stroll through Pawnee or buy coffee at Central Perk? These places become our second homes, each as filled with nostalgia as our old classrooms, friends’ houses, and playgrounds. But we’re not going to fool ourselves — some of the dingy joints our favorite TV characters spend their time in are just as bad as the worst ones we get dragged to in real life, which is why we’ve put together an honest tourist’s guide to onscreen nightlife. Below the jump, browse our ranking of ten TV hangout spots, in order, from the ones we wouldn’t step foot into to the ones we’re trying to book for our next holiday party. Which TV bar, club, or lounge would you head to on a night out?

10. Paddy’s Pub, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes the title of having established the worst bar in America. It’s impossible to tell when this drinkery is open, its owners regularly closing shop on a whim mid-evening or simply not opening up at all. But even if you make it through the rusting factory door entrance, you’re not guaranteed decent service. And this is not the kind of bad service that gets your order wrong; it’s the kind that grimaces at you for ordering, hits on you inappropriately, and eagerly picks a fight. Still, the owners’ antics are entertaining if you manage to be inducted into their inner circle.

Type: Dive bar
The Next Day: Sick but not hung over; you waited outside in the cold for the bar that never opened.