Kim Jong Phil Invades Political Paintings

Artist and photographer Phillip Toledano’s alter ego is a dictator. See, artists and dictators have a lot in common. Mr. Toledano explains that both “must guzzle an eye-popping cocktail of delusion and narcissism.” Both “must live in a closed loop of self-delusion” where there is no doubt of one’s creative vision. None. In fact, the world awaits in expectation, ready to receive and applaud him. Such is his “gilded daydream of grandiosity.” And so, Mr. Toledano had taken existing political propaganda paintings from North Korea and China and had them re-created in Chinese factories, replacing the Great Leaders with his own image and adding humbling, humorous captions. Meet Kim Jong Phil. See him immortalized in oils as he conducts world domination meetings, performs storied heroics and lectures the troupes: “It’s true. I am utterly fascinating.”

Phillip Toledano, I insist, ladies first. Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches