The Naughty List: The Most Controversial Cultural Icons of 2011

We think it’s safe to say that it’s been another colorful and crazy year. In the past few weeks we’ve taken a look at all the things we loved most in 2011 — including some of the best movie moments, the year’s greatest book covers, and the most controversial art shows. Every positive has a negative, however, and this year was no different. From directors who can’t seem to keep themselves out of hot water, to celebubimbos that we can do without, and 1% of the population that really pisses us off, we bring you ten of the year’s most controversial cultural icons that made everyone’s naughty list. Leave your picks below.


Odd Future

The young, Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective that launched a thousand think pieces also birthed two stars (Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean) this year. Although some were convinced that Tyler was the future of both hip-hop and punk, many were troubled by his misogynist, homophobic lyrics — even if he was, as many argued, playing a purposely exaggerated character. Meanwhile, OFWGKTA were constantly in the news for their shit-starting antics: assaulting photographers, pissing off Steve Albini, beefing with B.o.B., and more. While Ocean’s talent has arguably already transcended the controversy surrounding the group, the jury is still out on Tyler. If, as he claims, his upcoming album Wolf will eschew themes of rape and violence in favor of “making hippie music for people to get high to,” the result should give us even more to talk about in 2012.