The Most Delightful Tumblrs of 2011

One of the most valuable players on the Internet over the last year, Tumblr has amazed us in how quickly it’s evolved from a small-staffed, ballsy experiment to a respected, widely used, interactive network of some of the funniest and highest-quality content out there. We’ve found that when we’re looking for some procrastination, inspiration, or just a good laugh, we often wind up on a Tumblr blog. Below the jump, browse through our 15 favorites of 2011, and tell us which others you think we should check out before the year is up.

Kim Jong-il Looking At Things

A blog that’s become immensely topical in recent days, Kim Jong-il Looking At Things was at the top of our list even before it lost its eponymous dedicatee. But with that loss came the gain of its wonderful Tumblr counterpart: Kim Jong-il No Longer Looks At Things. Both — one with halos, one without — document the surprisingly many snapshots of North Korea’s late leader looking at things with a fixed gaze most of us can only hope to one day receive from another. The man loves looking at things. Hey, he could be looking down on, or up at, things right now.