The Funniest ‘SNL’ Skits of 2011

Another year of Saturday Night Live has come and gone. We’ve celebrated holidays, strange news stories, and stranger politicians with the comedic troupe and their guests, and we have to say that all things considered, this year was, well, not so bad. There were even some real gems among the normal hurried junk that fans have been complaining about for years. In an effort to save you the hassle of wading through all those episodes for the good stuff, or in case you rabid fans missed any of the action, we’ve compiled a list of the skits that we consider required viewing from the past year. Click through to watch our favorites, let us know if we missed any of yours in the comments, and get ready to start the countdown all over again with the Daniel Radcliffe/Lana Del Rey combo on January 14.

10. “Ornaments,” December 3

This skit is so fully weird and beyond that it is incredible. Possibly the best use of a host’s talents all season, and we love it. Not just a little bit. All the way.