Songs to Change Your Life To: A Mixtape for New Year’s Resolution-Making

Whether or not you buy into the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions, sticking a new calendar up on the wall does provide a convenient starting point for new endeavors. We’ve probably all got something in our lives we’d like to do more or less of (in our case, it’s less drinking, especially with today’s monster hangover). Plenty of musicians have committed similar feelings to song over the years, which probably isn’t surprising considering that the music industry isn’t exactly a place whose denizens are known for their restraint or self-control. So let us aid your transition to the new year with a selection of songs about making changes — hopefully, for the better.

Iggy Pop — “Lust for Life”

Although the lyrics are actually somewhat ambiguous, this is ultimately a song about cleaning up, even if Iggy doesn’t exactly sound like he regrets sleeping on the sidewalk a great deal. Anyway, come on — if the man who once described his lifestyle as “[waking] up with bumps on the head, blood on my shirt and something green coming out of my penis” can clean up his act, so can you.