10 New Must-Reads for January

Though winter has had a relatively slow start, at least in and around the Flavorpill offices, in the first days 2012 it’s finally starting to kick in for keeps. So what better way to keep warm and, more importantly, start the brand new year off right than to load up on ten of the month’s most exciting reads? With our picks, you’ll travel to exotic lands, laugh out loud, and listen to children’s toxic speech — all from the safety of your most snuggly slippers, of course. Click through to read our list of must-reads for the month ahead, and let us know which you’re most excited about picking up in the comments.

The Fallback Plan, Leigh Stein (January 3)

Leigh Stein’s hilarious debut opens thusly: “In June, the monsoons hit Bangladesh. Chinese police discovered slaves in a brickwork factory…in other news, I moved in with my parents.” That’s right, another story about the existential anxiety of being a 20-something! But this novel manages to infuse the Lena Dunham-style self-obsessed snark with an endearing earnestness as protagonist Esther tries to navigate being forced into indentured babysitter-hood, working for a family with serious troubles of their own. She might even grow up a little in the process.