TV’s Greatest Dysfunctional Families

It’s been almost a decade since Jennifer Saunders graced us with a new episode of Absolutely Fabulous, much to the dismay of fans around the world. But thanks to the magic of the BBC, where it’s never impossible to revive a great show, Patsy and Edina are finally back. To celebrate AbFab‘s 20th anniversary (yes, that makes us feel old), the original cast reunited for three half-hour specials — and the first one airs Sunday night, on both BBC America and Logo.

Having seen the first one, we can safely say that Saunders hasn’t lost her touch. Among other developments, we learn that one of the characters is in prison — and while it’s probably not who you’d think, nothing we could learn about the three generations of Monsoon women would shock us at this point. So, as an homage to one of our favorite dysfunctional families on the small screen, we’ve rounded up ten more we wouldn’t want to see on Thanksgiving but can’t stop watching on TV.

The Bluths, Arrested Development

What do you get when a white-collar criminal breeds with a cold, manipulative, upper-crust alcoholic? An undercooked mama’s boy, a worthless magician/lothario, and an unfailingly selfish (adopted) activist princess — which leaves poor Jason Bateman, the fourth Bluth sibling, to hold everyone together in hopes of saving the family’s real estate development firm, Bluth Company. Of course, that’s just George and Lucille’s immediate family; their kids and spouses include a “never-nude” and a teenager named George Michael who has a crush on his cousin.