Celebrity Fight Club: 10 of Hollywood’s Bad Boy Elite

Jeremy Renner — who appeared in the recently released installment of long-running Tom Cruise action vehicle, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol — was at a pub in Phuket, Thailand last night when a huge brawl broke out. Rumors circulated that the Hurt Locker actor might have been injured, but later reports confirmed that Renner left the bar unharmed as soon as the frenzy broke out. The star’s reps advised J.R. was “not involved” in the attack, but it made us wonder if his bad boy screen persona had any real-life influence when it came to the verbal assault that apparently started the whole thing. Renner’s not the only Hollywood actor who appears to be a little too comfortable in the part of troublemaker. Past the break, we list several other stars working today that probably belong to the celebrity fight club we’re not allowed to talk about (them’s the rules). Who’d you add?


Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe’s rugged looks match his rocky personality and notorious bad temper. Even his roles as good guys your heart aches for — like Maximus in Gladiator who lost his wife and son, or the brilliant John Nash in A Beautiful Mind who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia — can’t totally conceal his penchant for fisticuff action. Various scuffles in hotels (one in which he threw a phone at an employee’s face) and restaurants even led to a spoof of the actor on South Park. His mouth got him into trouble at 2002’s BAFTA awards, where Crowe cursed out a producer. Then there was that controversial comment on Twitter to Eli Roth about infant circumcision. We know he’s not all bad, however, as Crowe supports the Occupy movement. He probably brings his own pepper spray.