Fascinating Snapshots from a 1980s Sci-Fi Convention

Before Comic-Con expanded to become a mecca of geek culture (and advertising) in recent years, there were events like Westercon at the Hyatt International in 1980. Dik Daniels shot photos of cosplayers at the convention, which the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society recently shared on their website. It’s an interesting snapshot of sci-culture that reminds you how much things have changed since the advent of the Internet. Some of the more fantasy-driven costumes recall when sci-fi was often lumped together with the genre, despite being a different animal. While the Star Wars influence is evident in Daniels’ images, it’s cool to see some lesser-known titles represented like Saturn 3 (slide eight), and Karen Kuykendall’s The Outer Regions (slide ten — an image of Karen herself). Check out Yoda, Ripley, and company past the break.

Image credit: Dik Daniels [Spotted via Retronaut]