15 Incredible Dog Costumes Inspired by the Movies

Dogs are often good sports about letting their humans lovingly humiliate them, AKA dress them up. And let’s be honest: fawning over your dog’s duds is for the owner’s amusement, not the pup’s ā€” which is probably how National Dress Up Your Pet Day got started. On January 14, pets around the world will be wondering how they hell they got themselves into this mess, or they’ll be thanking you for their cool costume. We were impressed by the number of film-inspired dog costumes (cats want no part in this, of course) and seeing how each dog’s personality was brought to light with a little movie magic. For inspiration, click through our gallery of incredible dog costumes past the break.

Image credit: Reuters

Pugs Roxy and Ivan dressed as Dorothy and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz