Moving Portraits of Kenyan Children in Primary School for the Blind

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience life with severely limited sight, Thika, a powerful new series shot by Sydney-based photographer Jonathan May at the Thika Primary School for the Blind, instantly puts things into perspective. “Bored and watching a tiny television while waiting for a domestic plane at Mombassa airport, I was fascinated to discover blind children playing soccer in Kenya,” he explains. “I knew I had to visit their school.”

Once he was there, May was so inspired by one of the young students who he encountered, that he ended up paying for her tuition for the rest of the year. “It wasn’t a lot of money and that small gesture will give young Teresa some hope to live a more normal independent life,” he says. “This project aims to bring awareness to the daily struggles that some children endure, by trying to give you their respective visual impairment.” Click through to check out a slideshow of May’s images, and if you’re inspired to help out, you can contact him about getting involved here.

Lina. Photo credit: Jonathan May . [Spotted via Feature Shoot]

Lina with her 60% vision. Photo credit: Jonathan May