Amusing Accidental Tweets from Popular Twitter Accounts

Twitter. It’s accessible on your computers, on your tablets, on your smartphones, on your dumbphones. Technology is making it easier and easier for us to be constantly tweeting, and with these advances comes the increased likelihood of frequent Twitter “accidents.” Y’know — publishing a public tweet that was meant to be private, posting from the wrong account, uploading the wrong photo. Twitter mistakes happen to the best of us, but if you’re a well-followed tweeter, you’re pretty much doomed to an Internet lifetime of pasted quotes, haunting screenshots, and silly lists like this. Let’s take a break from the pesky accidental Twitter antics of overeager politicians and focus on the humorous accidents of several celebrated Twitter accounts. Check ’em out after the jump.

Charlie Sheen gives Justin Bieber — and everyone — his number

Last month, fans and pranksters alike were presented with quite the fun surprise — ten delightful digits that amounted to none other than Charlie Sheen’s phone number. The tweet was intended to be a direct message to Justin Bieber, but Sheen apparently clicked a few wrong buttons and submitted the number for the world to enjoy. Those who jumped at the opportunity were treated to Sheen’s antics, as he apparently shouted things like, “Winning!” and “Ray’s Pizza!” at the first callers. Did anyone pretend to be Justin Bieber? Why are these two in cahoots?