Hippolyte Hentgen’s Mutant Pinups

A busty, barely clothed woman. A sexy, reclining pose. A retro ’40s or ’50s hairdo. A come-hither stare. Vintage pinup-style photography has been so overused in the past several years that it’s basically a visual cliché. So it’s refreshing to see someone make it new — not to mention totally bizarre. Paris-based artist Hippolyte Hentgen does just that in portraits where, for instance, that come-hither stare emanates from the gigantic eye that replaces the semi-nude subject’s head. If you’ve ever wanted to see what mescaline might look like as a lady wearing nothing but a Bettie Page haircut and a Hawaiian lei, click through and enjoy — then visit Hentgen’s Picasa site to see more of her excellent work.

Hippolyte Hentgen, Merry Melody, 2011, 160 x 114 cm [Spotted via Beautiful/Decay]