Famous Pop-Culture Love Triangles Where the Girl Should Have Stayed Single

Ah, the girl-focused love triangle. For generations, male and female audiences alike have lived for watching two dudes fight over a woman, and oftentimes it can seem like a choice between the lesser of two jerks. Given the option, we would have loved to see these popular heroines — from Greek mythology to ’90s TV — embrace singledom instead.

Helen, Paris, Menelaus (The Iliad)

Paris only wants Helen so he can brag to all his friends that he’s bagged the hottest broad – and rather than take the hint from her running off with him that their marriage might not have been the strongest, Menelaus starts a war so massive that it disrupts an entire civilization. Helen would have been better off playing the field a little while longer – we’re sure Ancient Greece would have thanked her for it.