The Stories Behind Great Iconic Logos

We often don’t really look at great logos — we just see them and know exactly what they mean, like the shape of a letter or a familiar word that our brains can process so quickly it seems as if it goes straight from image to understanding. Some logos are so ubiquitous that we would never think twice about what they mean or how they came to be, so when we came across this great little video about the PBS logo we decided to take a closer look at some iconic brand markers. Click through to read the stories behind a few of our favorite logos, and perhaps you will look at them a bit more closely in the future.


In this video, Herb Lubalin gives a spirited account of the origin of the PBS logo — basically, they got there on the basis that PBS is for people. Interestingly, the network seemed to want any face on their logo to look to the right to ward off their reputation as a liberal network. Seems like a small nod to conservatism if you ask us, but no matter. Though they had to compromise that ideal on the original logo, you can see from the modern versiona bove they eventually got the little man to look to the right. We bet he’s mad about it.