Flavorpill’s Most Anticipated Winter 2012 Comics Releases

While January is historically a quiet month for comics publishers, they’ve got a full slate of publications right around the corner for your wintertime enjoyment. Whether it’s gnarly science fiction, joyous genre reclamation, Japanese classicism, avant-garde snarking, or a brutal excoriation of one of America’s most horrifying nightmares, there’s sure to be an upcoming release that suits your taste. Here are 10 comic books and graphic novels we’re anticipating in the next few months.

Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (March 2012)

This long-awaited collected edition of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s hilarious superhero pastiche may initially appeal to the small group of in-the-know comics fans who can reel off its trivia at a moment’s notice — Flex was illustrator Frank Quitely’s American introduction, the series began the “no cynicism” phase of Morrison’s superhero output, and DC Comics had kept it uncollected out of fear of litigation since 1996 — but rest assured, this is one of “those books,” the kind of comic that will eventually make its way onto the syllabi of English classes as well as the shelves of non-comics readers. Confidently silly and yet blistered with sincerity, Flex is one of those graphic novels that make an entire shelf of the things superfluous.