A Selection of Invaluable Beauty Tips from Makeover Movies

There’s a lot to be learned from makeover movies — how to look cool, how to style hair, how to successfully fool your wife into thinking you’re a woman. Whether you’re itching to please your resident “Plastics” or hoping to land a gig as your children’s nanny, the key to success just might lie in a cinema-style makeover. Of course, oftentimes our favorite made-over protagonists come to conclude that they never quite needed their makeovers in the first place, but hey — we can still take their one-of-a-kind beauty advice, right? Check out 14 awesome fashion and makeover tips from 14 awesome makeover movies after the jump — or as Regina George would say, “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.” Let us know how “fetch” you look in the comments.

Rachael Leigh Cook, She’s All That (1999)

Tip #1: Tweeze your monstrous eyebrows.

In She’s All That, Laney’s eyebrows are compared to those of Bert from Sesame Street. We can’t let that happen, so if your unibrow looks like it belongs on a Muppet, go ahead and cut that thing in half. Then ditch the falafel hat and find yourself a sassy red dress — you’ll be in the arms of your [Freddie] Prinze in no time!