Alternate Album Covers Inspired by the Experience of Listening to Music

The best album covers reveal something about the records they decorate. But graphic designer Simon C. Page, who has made sleeves for artists including Ministry of Sound and the Crystal Method, takes that connection even further with a series he calls Musically Inspired Album Covers. “This year I have been asked to create more and more album covers, which I love doing, but I noticed that the ones which I wanted to work on most were the ones where I had been inspired or moved by the music,” Page writes at his website. “The artwork here has been created, influenced and inspired by just listening to the music. ” See what hearing the Avalanches, Daft Punk, and more looks like in some of our favorite covers from the collection, then visit Flickr to see the entire series.

Image credit: Simon C. Page [Spotted via Ego Alter Ego]