Photo Gallery: Fascinating Portraits of American Originals

Most of us return from our American roadtrips with photos of scenery — the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, that kind of stuff. But when Ross Feighery set out last summer on a journey through the Western US, he had an entirely different photographic mission in mind. Arranging meetings with subjects he’d met online and pausing for shots of those he met during the course of his trip, Feighery documented a wide range of unusual characters. There’s glamorous Catherine Anne Hays, for example, an ailing plus-sized actress you might recognize as the “fat lady” from advertisements, and Howard Carrol — a panhandler who agreed to be photographed on the condition that Feighery included his nickname, “The King of America,” in captions. Click through to see some of our favorite images from the roadtrip, all of which are available for purchase via Behance, and visit Feighery’s website for more photos and to learn about their fascinating subjects.

Dave Depew, Oakland, CA. Photo credit: Ross Feighery