London Potholes Transformed into Incredible, Tiny Gardens

Plenty of street art is political or otherwise confrontational in nature — but some of it exists purely to put a smile on the faces of city dwellers going about their daily routines. This, at least, seems to be the goal of Steve Wheen, an artist who goes by the handle of The Pothole Gardener. Wheen’s project is exactly what it sounds like — an endless series of miniature gardens planted in potholes and other tiny patches of earth around East London. Along with adding a splash of green or a spray of flowers to the city’s streets and sidewalks, the Guerrilla Gardener decorates his miniature gardens with such delightful curiosities as itty-bitty chairs, telephone boxes, and even tennis courts. Click through to see some of our favorite Pothole Gardener creations, and then visit Wheen’s website for a whole lot more pictures and to learn about the project.

Image credit: The Pothole Gardener [Spotted via Fubiz]