Bizarre Pictures of Political Leaders with Pop Culture Icons

Politicians and celebrities are the most photographed people in the world, so it figures that somewhere there would exist pictures of both politicians and celebrities together. Some of these chance encounters are less glamorous or remarkable than they are downright weird. After the jump, in honor of the 2012 campaign season, we’ll take a look at some meet-ups between famous figures that are guaranteed to make you do a double take.

George W. Bush and Ricky Martin

Who better to headline the 2001 Inauguration Ball that kicked off George W. Bush’s presidency than closeted gay Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin? It’s not like Bush had a complicated relationship with Latino and homosexual voters at all, right? Oh well, at least now we have this photograph of Bush’s awkward middle-aged-white-man dance to cherish forever.

There’s also video, but be warned: you will probably groan with secondhand embarrassment.

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