Portraits of Famous Photographers with Their Famous Photographs

Who spent that evening with Marylin? Who captured the Tank Man in Tienanmen Square? Who took Kurt Cobain’s portrait two months before his death? For his book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends, photographer Tim Mantoani tracked down the masters behind some of our visual history’s most iconic images to rescue them from anonymity. Highlighted in Wired, here are just a few of the 150 portraits of famous photographers holding their famous photographs and sharing stories, like Steve McCurry searching for 17 years to find Sharbat Gula, the young, translucent-eyed girl from Pakistan, the star in his famous Kodachrome. Find out more about the project, but first, sift through these intentionally analog, enormous 20×24 Polaroid portraits and… respect!

Mark Seliger with his portrait of Kurt Cobain for Rolling Stone. Photo credit: Tim Mantoani